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As a Producer & Post-Production Supervisor for Lionsgate Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, and ABC-Disney, Kris Saintsing has been producing images professionally for well over a decade. He is currently a member of Artmongerz, an eclectic co-op gallery in Greensboro, NC where his unique style of pop-surrealist digital illustration work is permanently on display. With his solo work, Saintsing often uses large-form, multi-layer, “cel-style” printing to explore an animation aesthetic. This affords him the ability to experiment with the interplay of shadows and colored light within each piece.

He has also recently begun painting collaboratively with Sarah McClintock, a fellow resident artist at Artmongerz. The duo paint on the same canvas, at the same time, drawing inspiration from intuitive painting techniques, nature, blacklight, and science-fiction/ fantasy iconography.

He is also the full-time art curator for The Brewer’s Kettle, a chain of fine beer and wine stores.

Via his design company, Big Ancient Studios, Saintsing provides services for a wide range of clients, producing album covers, logos, fashion, and concept art. Drawing on his years as a film & television producer, he specializes in providing an open, collaborative process and a sophisticated final product.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA


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